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Dr. Umair Malik
About The Doctor

Dr. Umair Malik  

Dr. Umair Malik is a Board Certified Family Physician who has been practicing in Newport, Vermont for the last seven years. While working, he also served in a leadership role on various committees. He obtained his medical degree, Magna cum laude, from St. George’s University while completing an international program that allowed him to study medicine in England, the West Indies and in the United States. He then completed his residency at Case Western Medical Center in Cleveland, OH during which time he focused on public and global health. This focal point led him to travel to Panajachel, Guatemala and Chang Rai, Thailand where he strengthened the local care of chronic disease management. Dr. Malik has advanced training in medical aesthetics from the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine and the International Academy of Aesthetics. His new interests include learning more about aging well and functional medicine.

Umair Malik. MD is a kind and driven family physician with extensive experience working with a wide variety of patients all over the world. He is a native of Montreal, Quebec and is now proud to call Newport, Vermont his home. Dr. Malik has a passion for food, culture, and international travel. One of his favorite pieces of culture being languages as he is fluent in French, Urdu and Hindi. He has taken several classes in Greek, Italian and Spanish and is always eager to learn more.

Dr. Malik enjoys working with patients of all ages and bringing them a no-nonsense approach to health and wellness. He became a physician to care for those in need and to build trusting relationships with his patients. Direct primary care gives Dr. Malik the opportunity to provide the care that he knows his patients deserve without being hindered by metrics, quotas or guidelines.

About Blue Spruce Health

Blue Spruce Health was started out of Dr. Malik’s desire to embrace his profession as a physician. Devoting himself to medicine required his transition to direct primary care so that he is able to spend more time with his patients. Our mission is to make you love your healthcare experience at Blue Spruce Health. We want to establish the physician patient connection that has been lost in modern medicine.
Good primary care is about access, trust and relationships. Through direct primary care, we are available to you 24/7. We offer value. With the discounts on labs and generic medications, the savings we offer could cover the entire cost of your membership. Visits are not rushed, so we have time to talk and importantly, to listen. Insurance is great when it comes to high cost medical needs. Unfortunately, it only gets in the way for lower cost care like primary or urgent care. By removing deductibles, co-pays or insurance restrictions we can offer you more access, value and time. At Blue Spruce Health, we will help you understand your health journey by developing strong relationships leading to trust and empowerment.

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Patient Reviews

Ive since moved out of state, but i miss Dr Malik very much. He was extremely knowledgeable and caring and helpful. I wish i was able to find a doctor like him where i live now.


Dr Malik uses necessary medical evaluation for symptoms. Great doctor, I don’t know where I would be without him. Been failed by the medical system for years, Dr Malik saved my life.


Dr. Malik has an excellent bedside manner. He is very thorough and stays on top of his patients. I trust my life to Doctor Malik.


Felt comfortable on my 1st visit. Caring and wanting to know all the right things.



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